Saturday, July 16, 2011

Elle Norway - Mid Century Modern Bowl, Plate, Tray and Tankard

In this post, I'd like to showcase three beautiful pieces of mid century modern Scandinavian pottery.  These lovely white, pink, green and blue pieces were made in Norway by Elle Keramikk.

Under the direction of Tor Samuelsen, the Elle studio produced pottery from 1942 until 1967 in Torkildstranda, which is in Drøbak near Oslo. I get the impression that the popularity of Elle pieces - which are already considered collectibles in Norway - will spread before long... and for good reason!

Elle Norway Bowl
Bowl, 9.25" in diameter, SOLD
Elle Norway Bowl Marks
Bottom of Elle Bowl with Pottery Marks

Plate, 7.5" in diameter.  Photo by GSArcheologist on Etsy (SOLD)
Markings: 550-M3, Elle, Norway, artist signature/initial (F?)

Tray.  Photo from A/S Elle Keramikk

Elle Norway Tankard Mug
Tankard, 5.25" tall.  Available at Pillowsophi on Etsy.
Pottery Markings on Elle Norway Tankard Mug
Markings on Tankard


  1. Thank you for turning me on to Elle! :)


  2. You're very welcome; thanks for letting me use your gorgeous photograph!

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