Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nils Thorsson at Royal Copenhagen: Columbine Bird and Bottle Vase

Nils Johan Thorvald Thorsson (1898 - 1975) was a ceramic artist at Royal Copenhagen from 1912 until his death in 1975. He became the artistic director at RC in 1949.

Here we have a highly collectible Nils Thorsson bird-shaped posy vase from the "Columbine" series. This black, white and yellow piece was made in 1960:
Nils Thorsson Columbine bird posy vase
Nils Thorsson Columbine Bird Vase, available from Pillowsophi on Etsy

And here is a wonderful 1960's Nils Thorsson bottle vase:
Nils Thorsson Royal Copenhagen small bottle vase
Royal Copenhagen Denmark Nils Thorsson Bottle Vase, available from Pillowsophi on Etsy

On the bottom of the vase, you can see the Royal Copenhagen stamp and Nils Thorsson's cypher:

Nils Thorsson Royal Copenhagen marks
Marks on Nils Thorsson Royal Copenhagen Denmark Vase

I love Thorsson's work; I hope I'll be able to share more of it with you in the future!


  1. I love vintage pottery but don't know much about any of it... your blog is great and so informative! ♥

  2. Pottery Porn! Cool pieces, I love them!

  3. I love your work. I especially love the nils Thorsson bird. I love the color and the look of it.

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