Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mid Century Modern for $14 or Less: Part II

Without further ado: MCM for $14 or less, part two!

8.  This fabulous bowl is available for just $7 USD from Retro Home on Etsy.
Mid century modern West German bowl, $7 from Retro Home

9.  For just $10 USD, these beautiful candlestick holders can be yours!  Available from cwoerl on Etsy.

10.  At $9 USD, this fondue set from The Vintage Ruby is an absolute steal!

11.  This awesome faux bois ceramic pitcher is just $12 USD at Gypsy Mouse!

12.  Looking for something to fill that space on your wall?  How about these wonderful mod wall hangings?  Get the set for $12 USD from msmichiganroux on Etsy.

13. Dansk IHQ green glass candle holders, $12.99 USD from InteriorComponents.  Beautiful!

14. This wonderful candle holder set by Solingen Germany is just $10 USD at luola.

There you have it: 14 lovely mid century items for less than $14 each!   
Missed items 1 through 7?  You can find them here.

What do you think?  Which deal is the best?  Have you ever found a great MCM piece at an amazing price?  Please share your opinions and stories in the comments! 


  1. My kind of blog! I keep my prices very reasonable in my MSMICHIGANROUX shop on Etsy simply because vintage shopping should be fun whether it's in person at a flea market or online in an Etsy shop. I enjoy thinking that someone might find just the right mid century item at a great price in my shop and I can chalk another victory for the art of "green" and reuse!
    My best find? It's tied between a Jens Risom chair for $4 and a coffee table that I'm still researching also for $4.I found them at a Goodwill or Volunteers of America store. I bought 12 pieces of wonderful midcentury furniture for under $50. I got home and my kids claimed most of it. lol

  2. Another great collection! I especially love the pair of German candle sticks for only $10! Great post!

  3. Loving your blog. Keep them pottery posts coming, I'm enjoying learning about vintage pottery~

  4. I love the floral wall hangings! I once found a little round danish modern style end table by Lane for $35. I didn't have anywhere to put it in my current house, so I sold it last year for over $200.

  5. Ms. Redding: That's a wonderful shop philosophy! I'm always excited when I can offer something at an exceptionally low price, too.

    WindyCityKnits: Thanks! I'm quite fond of those candle holders, too. Writing this post without buying anything was a bit of a challenge...

    thedirtyloft: Thanks; I'm glad you're enjoying learning with me!

    SadieBess: Yeah, those wall hangings are very cool. That table sounds like an amazing find! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. This is such a nice blog! Great post, I love vintage pottery, thank you!

  7. Ahh! I love every single piece here!
    You've got great taste and eye Marie *applauds*

  8. Thank you so much, Retro and JR!


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